On the Road with Paul Rodriguez
AT&T and Wayfinder.TV are going on the road to produce an original short film featuring Paul Rodriguez. Follow the action and everything that's happening behind the scenes right here.
On the Road with blink-182
Wayfinder.TV and AT&T went on tour to document the band, the music, and the whole on-tour experience.
Wayfinder.TV: Guatemala Episode Part 1
Wayfinder.TV's wild ride through the volcano capital of Central America starts here. First stop - getting blessed by spit at a voodoo-like Mayan shrine.
Come on in.
Bring your camera, your creativity, your stories, and your point of view. Let's make something great together.
Blood, Guts And Guatemalan Butcher Shops
A "fellow filmmaker" (ha!) like Quentin Tarantino would have been proud of all of the real life blood and guts I got on film...


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Earlier this year we went on a sweet road trip.  We lost a huge … more

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SpanishMikeTV and … more

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